Queering Space: A Collaborative Quilting Bee, Part 1

27th November 2022

I acknowledge that this quilting bee takes place on Aboriginal land – the Cadigal Wangal people of the Eora are the traditional custodians of the land. And pay my respects to elders past and present.
Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the writing of Brigitta Summers, without which this event description won’t exist.
What to expect for part one:
Sewing has been an activity that brought people together, it was a way to create a space that facilitated the sharing of knowledge and stories. This kind of community and safe space creation seems more important then ever, as it is being lost. This is what I invite you to help (re)create, a safe space in which making/sewing/quilting allows us to create connections, and piece together something new. A safe space in which we can share and make something protective.
Prior quilting knowledge/skills is not a requirement in order to attend and in addition to fabric, I will be providing threads, needles, buttons if you fancy adding embellishments and pins a plenty. Though, I only have three pairs of scissors, one for fabric (if you use it for anything else I will come for you) and two for threads, unless you have your own that you are happy bring along we’ll have to share. I hope we’re all good at that.
There are more than one way to contribute: you can help me to make this either by donating a piece of fabric, or by taking part in the piecing of the quilt, or telling a story or all three or simply being there. For those that are unable to attend in-person but would still like to take part, I will be creating a Facebook Room (the virtual component) to assist in the sharing of stories across virtual and physical spaces. For any virtual attendees wishing to take part in the quilting but do not have your own fabric you can use let me know asap and I will do my best to assist in getting you some of mine. And for virtual attendees not quilting wishing to also donate fabric please let me know asap, so it can arrive in time (if it is late, your fabric will be used in Part Two).
There is no wrong way to contribute and every contribution is appreciated. All are welcome and the grounds of Frontyard are wheelchair accessible. There are two gender neutral toilets, I don’t know how practical they are for wheel chair access and I apologize for my over sight in regards to this. There is no requirement to come and stay the duration of the event, staying as long as you are able to is much appreciated.
In return for your help I would like to offer you a small service of your choosing to show my appreciation for your generosity in helping to make this happen. Your name will also be sewn in/printed onto the quilt so that the people involved in making it will be embedded in it. It is my hope that this will be a kind of magic.
As I don’t assume the quilt will be finished in a day, there will be at least a Part Two/future event (most likely in January, I will notify you as soon as I have the details). You don’t have to have gone to both events to make a valuable contribution. On completion the quilt will be exhibited at the final event and again in August 2023 at Air Space Projects of this year, to which exhibit you are all invited and if the quilt is sold I will be donating the funds to LGBTQ+ youth charity.
On a final note I would appreciate if you are able to bring with you a gold coin donation to help keep frontyard going, as I will be.
And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and discuss.


Images courtesy of Christopher Stanley. Copyright 2022 © All rights reserved.

Thank you everyone who could make it, those that took part in quilt and those who donated fabric, I apologise for not checking ahead of time for Facebook video chat technical difficulties and preparing a zoom chat a head of time, which I will for the next event.